Many of you may know of Penn and Teller the illusionists. They are very well known for their slight of hand and illusion tricks that they use to draw large crowds to their shows in Vegas. They’re very entertaining. They’re also well-known in the atheist realm as staunch atheistic Bible haters.

Many people would shy away from witnessing to such a well-known atheist, but one of their fans did not. In the following video, Penn gives his thoughts on the need for Christians to “proselytize” if they really have something to share. After a man gave him a Bible and shared his faith with him, Penn still walked away saying “I KNOW there’s not a God,” but he also had a new outlook on the Gospel – not all Christians are crazy. This quick little video was powerful especially since the words are coming from an atheist – it’s an entirely different viewpoint than I’m used to.

How many of us shy away from sharing our faith with people because we’re afraid it will be awkward or they might think bad about us? It’s tempting to worry about it, but it’s also sad when we allow that to get in our way.

My favorite line of the video was “How much do you have to hate someone to believe that eternal life is possible and NOT tell them that?” Let me know what you think.

Click HERE to watch the video.