According to <a href="
” target=”_blank”>a recent survey in the UK, women spend 3,276 hours getting ready for a night out. That is 136 days of their lives, which happens to be enough time for an astronaut to fly to the moon and back…22 times.

Preparation is a very important part of our lives. Every day, we wake up and prepare ourselves for the day (some more than others). If you have a job interview, you want to be prepared or if you have an upcoming test, preparation is in order. Since preparation is obviously so important, you’d think more people would be prepared for eternity (since that’s far more important than your life on Earth). Unfortunately, too many people procrastinate when it comes to eternity. They allow life to distract them from thinking about their eternal destination. I work with people like that. I see people like that at the grocery store, the mall, Starbucks, and anywhere else I go. I do my best to share with them, but ultimately, the only person I can really control is me.
If you’ve seen any of our business cards or videos, you know we ask the question “Are You Awake?” It’s possible to be awake physically and yet asleep (maybe more accurately, dead) spiritually.

My mom’s prayer group prays for many ministries around the world. They recently received the following email from one of the men they’re praying for. Allow the shocking experience of Sasha to remind you how quickly life can come to an end.

I am ready. Will YOU be ready?
Will those around you be ready?

Dear Pray-ers,

Two nights ago my host family along with San Euri, our piano university student boarder and I were eating supper when Sasha the husband came back from driving school. He was a bit slow to join us then didn’t want to eat – saying he ate his lunch late and wasn’t hungry. Last night more of the story came out to his family and this morning at breakfast I heard the whole story.

At one bus stop someone had to get off so Sasha climbed out of the full 15 passenger van to let that person off and in the meantime a young lady fromt he sidewalk grabbed his seat. He objected saying it was his but she just blurted out that she had to hurry home because a child was alone waiting for her so he didn’t argue …….

Now that child is very alone, because his mom and the other 14 passengers and driver were killed two bus stops further up the street when the brakes failed on a big truck full of bricks and it squashed that van …. As Sasha passed by in the next bus he grabbed he noticed the lady’s severed head in the street ….. it should have been his except for his kindness and the Lord’s mercy to him.

May the Lord direct me to bring the Good News to Sasha – he’s heard it before and he used to attend church. He’s a great guy. But would he have been ready to meet his Maker two nights ago? Please pray.