What a night tonight! We hit up Lettie-Kendall Park tonight for our 5th of 8 UNIGHT Summer Evenings in the Park. It’s hard to believe that we only have 3 left now! Tonight was the best night of ministry we’ve seen thus far and the best response we’ve had as well. People came from all over for Jeremy’s famous burgers. He definitely is the grill master. We’ve never gone through more than 60 burgers in all 4 previous outreaches, so when we packed up tonight we figured that 70 burgers and 60 hot dogs was more than enough. We were wrong. After only an hour in, we hade gone through almost all of them and had to run to the grocery store to get more! That’s a great problem! We ended up cooking over 100 burgers and 85 hot dogs tonight – the people just kept on coming! So cool.

The park was great, especially for the kids (and the older “kids” that had kids of their own) – it had a sweet water fountain area that people come from all over for. As people showed up, we greeted them with a free meal and Bible – they loved it. People saw our signs and fliers all over and some even stopped in the street to ask what we were doing. When they figured out that it was free, they were all over it! For most of the night, the entire parking lot was full and people were having to park on the street (another great problem)!

The best part was the ministry that occured tonight. One guy sought me out and told me before he left, he wanted me to pray for him. I told him I’d love to, so after he ate, I found him and went to talk. I ended up sitting down at a picnic table with him and 4 other people where I was able to lay out the simplicity of the Gospel to them. A couple of them had the typical answers when I asked where they would be spending eternity. They hoped they’d go to heaven. When I asked them how they thought they would make it, it was the other typical answer: they’re pretty good people. I’m a straight-shooter and I told them that the Bible disagreed with them on that. I opened up the Bible I had given to them and went through Romans 3:23 (all have sinned), Romans 6:23 (the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life), and Romans 5:8 (God demonstrated His love by dying for us while we’re still sinners). Tina, the lady sitting across from me, really caught it. I told her we could pray right there to commit her life to Jesus and she could know where she’ll spend eternity. She loved that idea, so right there at a picnic bench in 90% humidity, I prayed the sinner’s prayer with Tina! Awesome! After she left, I scooted down and talked with Ray, who, after talking for a while, realized he couldn’t put Christ off any longer and decided tonight was the night! He too committed his life to Christ right there at the picnic table!

It was an incredible night of seeing God move in hearts and being reminded of what a privilege it is to reach out to hurting people. May God continue to use us in a powerful way as we do our best to reach this community!

Click HERE to check out the pictures of UNIGHT #5 and make sure to swing by awakenchurch.org for more info on where we’ll be next week!