I’m sitting in the Nashville airport right now as I type this. I’m flying back home to Albuquerque today where I’m doing the funeral of a friend who recently passed away after fighting ALS for 3 years.

I”m a bit of a cheapskate and can never bring myself to pay for wifi in airports or at Starbucks because I pay for wifi service at home, a really good one by the way, you can try Eatel it won’t disappoint you. However, with my iPhone, I can now tether it to my MacBook Pro so that I get internet anywhere that my phone can get internet! I love it. I’m downloading the most recent August Burns Red album as I type. That will make the flight far more enjoyable as I crunch my long legs into the middle seat between two people I don’t know.

Another reason that I love technology is because it enables us to get the Gospel out even further! We had our second Awaken Church Bible study last night and had a great time. We were joined by Amber and her two kids who just so happened to live so close to Jeremy and Julie’s house, where we meet for Bible studies while we’re waiting for the building to be ready, that she walked! So cool. Not only are we podcasting (video and audio) our Bible studies, but we’re working on live-streaming as well. We played with it a little last night and over the next few weeks, we’ll keep tweaking it till we get it all figured out. By the time we start services in September, we should be live for the world to see!

Well, we’re boarding now. If only airline technology worked as seamlessly as Apple technology, maybe I’d make it into Albuquerque in time for the funeral. My first flight is an hour late, so pray that I make my connecting flight! ABQ, here I come.