Almost without fail, the first question I get asked when people find out I’m starting a church out here is “What kind of church is it?” In New Mexico, the reply, “Christian” is enough to satisfy most people, but not here. Apparently everyone out here is a Christian (or at least says they are). The follow-up question after I tell them that it’s a Christian church is “What kind of Christian are you?” There are many answers that come to my mind when I get asked this (some more sassy than others):

“I’m a tall Christian.”

“I’m a Christian that likes to snowboard (in states where that’s possible).”

“I’m a fun Christian like likes long walks on the beach.”

Of course, I know where they’re going with that question. They want to know which specific kind of label I’m going to put on myself: Baptist, Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventist, Methodist, etc. I don’t go there. I always say, “We love Jesus and teach straight out of the Bible.” I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description of who we are. Sure, we’ll eventually be affiliated with Calvary Chapel, but that doesn’t stereotype who I am or how I preach.

Our desire at Awaken Church is to awaken people to the relevance of God’s Word and equip them for His service. All the other stuff doesn’t matter. People simply need to be awakened to the fact that God’s Word is exactly that: GOD’S WORD. He breathed it. And even thought it’s thousands of years old, it’s far beyond a history book. It has very specific, accurate application for our lives today, right now.

So, instead of getting so caught up with what church or denomination you belong to, let’s focus on Whose we are. We belong to God. God doesn’t care about the outward “churchy” stuff that we put so high on a pedestal. Jesus isn’t into Churchianity, He wants true, genuine Christianity. He doesn’t care about being cool. He cares about the cross. He wants people who are sold out, surrendered, and sacrificed to Him.
Whether you worship A Capella or with acoustic guitar,
in choir robes or cut-off shorts,
sitting in a pew or preaching from a pulpit,
long hair,
short hair,
brown hair,
blue hair,
mohawk, fauxhawk, or no hawk,
offering plate or online giving,
tech-savvy or tech-challenged,
as long as Jesus is the center and receives the glory and worship for all the happens AND the Bible is taught (not taught about or taught out of), THAT is all that matters.

It’s not about Churchianity, it’s about Christianity. Let’s live it.