Every once in a while, God must think He needs to confirm to us that we’re in the right spot, doing exactly what we should be doing. That’s what He did tonight.
Denver and I got off work early, so we went in to study at Starbucks. Turns out it closed an hour earlier than we thought, but there was certainly a reason we went. As we got up to leave, here’s the conversation I had with the girl behind the counter…

“Is your name Kevin?”


“Are you a pastor?”

“Yes, (starting to get a little weirded out at this point because that’s never happened before in Clarksville) how did you know that?”

“This is crazy, but about 2 months ago you must have left a bunch of business cards in here when you were in here. I was cleaning up, saw the card that asked ‘Are you awake?’, wondered what that was all about, and stuck one in my pocket. I got home, did laundry, totally forgot about it. Yesterday, I put those pants on, and your business card was in there – totally intact, even after going through the wash. I was like, ‘What is the Are you awake? thing’, so I looked up your website. The first thing I saw was that you guys were doing outreaches in a park. That’s so cool – my church used to do that. My husband and I have been looking for a good church and we can’t find ANY around here that are any good. I saw your site, and I thought, ‘We have to check that out.'”

“Well, we’re actually kicking off a Bible study…” (I was going to tell her about tomorrow night’s Bible study, but she interrupted me)

“Yeah, September 19th, right?!”

“Well yeah, that’s our first service, but we’re kicking off a Bible study tomorrow night. Check our website for a map and info.”

“Really? We’re there. We’ll see you then.”

Then I turned around and received a really dirty look from the other Starbucks guy who apparently really wanted us to leave. As Denver and I walked out the door, we realized why we had come to Starbucks tonight. It seems like every once in a while, God loves to give us another glimpse of some confirmation that we’re doing what we should be doing. I told Denver, “I knew we were in the right spot!”

I really hope we get to meet Mrs. Starbucks lady (I didn’t get her name) and her husband tomorrow (we’ll call him Mr. Starbucks, since his wife works there).

I love those moments.
I love these people.
I love our God.