If you or a friend just heard about Awaken Church and you’re wondering what the teaching will be like, these video clips are a great way to find out. We’ve posted 15 short clips to our YouTube channel. If one or a couple speak powerfully to you, you can even post them on your blog, website, or profile to share with others.

You can also go to our podcasts page on our website to subscribe to our podcasts. There are a few full-length audio teachings that have been posted there, and of course, once services at Awaken officially begin in September, the video & audio podcasts will be updated weekly.

Hope you’re blessed by these clips and teachings…

At Awaken Church, we believe in the necessity for expository Bible teaching. Expository preaching is done by creating the message, points, title, etc only from what is within the text. That way, it’s much harder to take Scriptures out of context and much easier to accurately apply what God’s Word is saying to our daily lives.