UNIGHT #2 was a hit! We rocked Sherwood Forest Park this week – it was awesome! There were more kids than there were adults – and they were really stoked for all the free caffeine and business cards. One kid had to have downed 8 cokes by himself! I’m sure his parents loved that.

This park was a far better location – we were surrounded by houses on every side. A few people were really resistant to us being there – there were a few slammed doors when we said we were from a church. It’s all good. The bad was balanced out by the good though. People were really interested and excited to hear about a new church. A couple people were really shocked that I am the pastor. “YOU are the pastor?! Wow!” they’d say. I love those reactions. It just reinforces 1 Timothy 4:12 – let no one despise your youth.

We had a great time this week. Thank you for all the prayers. Keep praying that God would do great things as we reach out to the community of Clarksville.

Click HERE to see pics of the event.