Our first UNIGHT Summer Evening in the Park was tonight! It was great to finally get this party started – it’s literally been years in the making! Once we pulled up to Airport Park, we realized we hadn’t chosen the best park for the event – it wasn’t surrounded by many houses – you had to drive to get there. Maybe we got too caught up in the nice basketball and volleyball courts. I don’t know. The rest of our locations should be much better though – very residential.

Regardless of the fact that we didn’t choose the best of locations, it was a success. About 4 or 5 families came by and we met some great people that were so excited to be a part of this new adventure. 2 families have been a part of Calvary Chapels for quite a while, so they were happy to hear that a new one was coming to town!

We were a bit worried about the weather throughout the day – it rained all day till about 3:30. We kept praying and eventually things cleared up. The humidity was ridiculous – nothing we’re used to. It felt like we were walking through clouds (actually, I think we were). It was great though. In fact, one of the families that came, Jeremy and Julie, were only able to come because the rain had canceled another event that they were going to be attending. The weather actually worked out in our favor, surprisingly!

Thanks for the prayers throughout the day and please keep them up! We have 7 more parks to hit and thousand of people who need Jesus!

Check out pics from the event here and go to the UNIGHT page to get the schedule so you don’t miss the next ones!