Awaken Church has been in my prayers for years. For so long, we didn’t know where we’d go to plant a church, when we’d go, or even what we’d call it or how we’d do it, but we knew we’d go. Back in February of this year, we flew out here for our final scouting trip to Clarksville. That was when God gave me the vision for the church and the name “Awaken”. We began to think and plan how we’d accomplish this huge task in front of us, and we eventually came up with Unight: Summer Evenings in the Park. Our prayer is to build the church as we start from the ground up, but our ultimate and most important prayer is that whether or not people get involved with Awaken, we pray that they get involved with Jesus. We want to build HIS church.

That’s what the next 8 weeks of the summer are all about. As we unite at night in the parks, we pray that many will come out – saved and unsaved – and experience the genuine love of Jesus Christ. Each week, toward the end of the event, I’ll share for a couple minutes about the vision of the church and how people can get involved. However, most importantly, I’ll share about a different person from Scripture who was awakened to the relevance of God’s Word and His saving grace (Paul, the Ethiopian in Acts 8, James and John, etc.). Each week, people will be given a chance to accept Christ right there in the park. Please pray that many would come to know Him!

We’ve planned for months and years, and it’s finally here. Pictures will be posted after the event. Stay tuned to the pictures page and our blog to see how it went.

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