God is so good at giving us little reminders along the way that we’re headed in the right direction. It’s always tempting to wonder if we’re doing the right thing – leaving everything we know behind to start a church in the Bible Belt. Just when we need a little reassurance, God is always faithful to give us little reminders that He has everything worked out. I became friends with a guy on Facebook last week that attends Calvary Albuquerque, and I asked him if I could share some of what he had to say:

We spent a couple of weeks last month in Clarksville (acutally Oak Grove, KY) during the time the church prayed for your church planting. So we were unaware of your move there.

My daughter Ashley and her husband Aaron and grandaughter Genevieve live there as he is stationed at Ft. Campbell. They are VERY excited upon hearng of your coming, they have been searching churches in the area and just haven’t found one they feel is a fit. So this is an answer to our prayers for them. Our Lord is awesome!

I’ll give you a little background, our daughter Ashley has been a believer for many years, however her husband Aaron is a young believer. He gave his life to Christ in bootcamp, which is pretty cool. They were baptized together by Skip, and Skip dedicated Genevieve last August while Aaron was in town on leave.

Shortly after bootcamp Aaron was deployed to Afghanistan for a year, he returned in January of this year. So he has not really had the discipleship that he needs. We are working on helping to build a foundation in Gods Word, but it seems we can only do so much.

…We have been praying for them to find a church where they would be comfortable.

We located the Calvary affiliated churches in Tennessee but they are really to far away from them. a part of our prayer was for someone to plant a Calvary church in that area, little did we know that someone from our fellowship was in the process of doing just that.

So yes we have been praying for your church while unaware of it!

How cool! I love stories like these about how God is answering prayer immediately without people even being aware of it!

Speaking of prayer, we’d love for you to join our UNIGHT prayer team that we’re putting together for this summer’s outreach. We’ve already had a few people say they’ll be praying, but we’d love to have more. If you’re interested, let us know! Read more about it HERE. This is a great way to see God move as you spend some time with Him!

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