From R. Albert Mohler Jr.’s He Is Not Silent:

1) “If the Bible is truly the enduring and eternal Word of God, it means what it meant even as it is newly applied in every generation.” – R. Albert Mohler Jr.

2)”I believe that the goal of preaching is to compel people to make a decision. I want people who listen to me to understand exactly what God’s Word demands of them when I am through. Then they must say either, ‘Yes, I will do what God says,’ or ‘No, I won’t do what God says.'” – John MacArthur

3)”Worship is not something we do before we settle down for the Word of God; it is the act through which the people of God direct all their attentiveness to hearing the one true and living God speak to His people and receive their praises. God is most beautifully praised when His people hear His Word, love His Word, and obey His Word.” – R. Albert Mohler Jr.

4) “The postmodern world has no need of half evangelists preaching a half gospel to the half converted, and leading a halfhearted church. What is needed is a generation of bold and courageous preacher-apologists for the twenty-first century – men who will be witnesses to the whole world of the power of the gospel and who will proclaim the whole counsel of God.” – R. Albert Mohler Jr.

5) “Each of us must preach as a dying man to dying men.” – R. Albert Mohler Jr.

6) Speaking of the prophet Ezekiel, “He is a man totally possessed by the Spirit of Yahweh, called, equipped, and gripped by the hand of God.” – Daniel Block

I love this book, and I certainly love the message behind the title – HE IS NOT SILENT. We serve the God who speaks, who is personal, and who had revealed EXACTLY what we need for life and godliness. However, we live in a world that preaches the opposite message – that God is silent, irrelevant, and distant. It’s our job, by the power of His Spirit, to change this generation’s view of God and help them to realize that He is NOT silent!

If you’re a pastor/preacher or think know someone who could use this book, I highly recommend it. You can pick it up on <a href="
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