This weekend was very surreal. In one sense, it was pretty normal – I taught like normal, interacted with the leaders and students like normal, but I knew it wasn’t really normal. Next weekend, we will make our news public. It starts with the Velocity leaders (one of the hardest parts of saying goodbye) on Friday, April 3. We’re having a dinner at the Willis’ house that the leaders think is just a normal meeting. It will start somewhat normal, but we’ll close by telling them we’re leaving. The Saturday and Sunday Velocity services will be similar next weekend – I’ll teach Revelation 19 about Jesus coming back, then I’ll close by telling the students we’re leaving! Crazy! The following Wednesday, April 8 will be a fun night as Velocity joins the adults for the last message of Revelation and Bible From 30,000 Feet in the main sanctuary! At some point during the night, Skip will interview me and announce to the church that I’ll be leaving. And, as an added bonus, JENN WILL BE LEADING WORSHIP! Her first actually leading in the main sanctuary! Awesome!

Skip’s message this weekend was very timely and almost ironic. It was his second week in a series called “Church? Who Needs It?” and the message this weekend was entitled “Hey, Look Who’s Started A Church!” It was a great reminder that the church is God’s – the bills are His problem, the attendance is His problem, the enemy is His problem. We’re simply called to be obedient. You can check it out here if you’re interested. Next weekend, I’ll teach about the second coming of Christ and the slaughter of Armageddon (it’s not really a battle), then the following weekend is Easter – all great reminders that Christ will conquer and there’s no need to worry!

We’re really excited to see what God is going to do and excited to enter this new chapter of our lives!