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Since Jesus’ culture was agrarian, His sermons and life lessons often included illustrations from farming and fields. I imagine if He walked among us today, He’d illustrate His sermons using social media and fashion trends.

In Matthew 13, Jesus tells a parable (a parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning) about a sower who sowed seeds on four different types of soil. The seed was the same, but its growth was different based on the soil it fell on. What is celebrated in the story is not so much the sowing of the seed, but the fruit which is produced after the seed is sown.

The first three sets of seeds produced nothing lasting, but the fourth did. What set it apart? A root system.

Roots produce fruits.

Except for potatoes, carrots, and radishes, the fruits we are after are not the roots. The roots hold the plant down enabling it to weather storms and grow, leading eventually to the production of the fruit. Just a chapter earlier, Jesus said, “the tree is known by its fruit” (Matthew 12:33).

If the goal of our lives is to produce healthy fruit, there are two main things we will need:

1) Healthy seed (the Word of God) and 2) time. There’s no way around either of those. They are both necessary. One is up to God (His Word) and the other is up to us (time).

The seed is ready. God promised when His Word goes forth it will produce growth (Jeremiah 55), so the question we need to consider is are we making time to allow God’s Word to get rooted in our lives?

If you want fruits, you need roots.