With all of its benefits, social media has also swung a door of comparison and envy wide open. 15 years ago, we could not compare our lives to the lives of thousands of others around the world, but now we can, and do regularly. Envy causes a lot of problems in our lives, but the biggest one is its opposition to gratitude. Gratitude and envy cannot coexist. They are mutually exclusive.

It goes without saying which one we want living in our lives.

After all, thanksgiving and gratitude are commanded throughout Scripture.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Paul says that giving thanks in all circumstances is “God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” He also writes in Colossians 4:2 that our steadfast, watchful prayers are to be filled with thanksgiving.

If we are going to be grateful, we cannot simultaneously be envious of others. So how do we kill envy? Simple: cultivate gratitude.

It’s like your lawn…

If you don’t work to keep the grass growing, weeds inevitably grow.

Same with our souls…

If we don’t work to keep gratitude growing, the weeds of envy will inevitably grow.

Envy grows in the absence of gratitude. When we are not actively, daily cultivating gratitude in our hearts, envy and entitlement rear their ugly heads. 

Here’s an idea: if your struggle lies in social media, instead of browsing everyone else’s social media highlight reels, take some time to browse your own. Go to your photos and browse through all the reasons you have to be thankful.

The list of reasons we have to be thankful is unending. Do whatever you have to do to slosh gratitude all over the weeds of envy and entitlement!