How was your Monday? Mine began with my iPhone falling off the hood of my car and getting run over in the street, shattering it into expensive, skin-cutting shards. That event began a chain reaction of long phone calls, unplanned purchases, being late to meetings, and general frustration. 

It’s a good thing I had Sunday’s sermon ringing loud in my ears.

Last Sunday at Awaken, we wrapped up a 20-week series through the book of 1 Timothy called The Movement. As we closed it out, we looked at the topic of grace. It’s how Paul began and ended the letter…

“Grace to you…” – 1 Timothy 1:2

“…Grace be with you.” – 1 Timothy 6:21

Grace is the bookends on his letter, but even more so on his life. The same should be true of us. As Jesus followers, we are Church builders and grace carriers. In fact, as this little letter from Paul to Timothy demonstrates, grace carries us, but we also carry grace. 

We will all have days like my Monday where nothing goes our way. I pray that in the forefront of our minds, when we are tempted to blow up, we remember grace. God’s grace has carried us to this point, and for some reason in God’s infinite power, He knew this day would go this way and allowed it to happen. If God’s grace could carry you to that day, it will carry you through that day as well.

“Grace be with you.” Take it with you when the day is long and hard or when it’s easy and fun. Even when life is brutal, God is good and His grace is amazing.