We live in a non-stop, always on the go, hectic culture – in our homes, workplaces, and social lives. Sometimes it feels endless. Unfortunately, it’s easy for us to begin equating holiness to busyness, but I want to help correct that.

We need to make time to pause, listen to God’s voice, and respond. It’s not an option. Listen to David’s words from Psalm 27…

“My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me.’

And my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.’”

Psalms 27:8 NLT

If we’re not careful, it’s easy to miss the voice of the Lord because we are too caught up in the busyness of life. However, when we do actually slow down enough to hear Him, sometimes our response is not what it should be.

I want to always respond how David responded, “Lord, I am coming.” However, when we allow the busyness of life to drive us, our response begins to be much different. Maybe it sounds more like…

“Lord, I need to send a couple more emails.”

“Lord, I need to see if anyone has liked my Instagram post from earlier.”

“Lord, I really need to get going with my day.”

“Lord, I hope to get to it later when things settle down.”

“Lord, honestly right now, this other thing is more important.”

Get into a rhythm of making time daily to speak to God and allow Him to speak to you. Carve out time to regularly listen to His voice and respond when He speaks. Your schedule isn’t your boss – you are the boss of your schedule. Prove it.


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