I love when I get a chance to guest speak at another church. It’s always refreshing and fun to see ministry done in a different way with a different group of people…normally in a different city. This Sunday was different though. We did something we had never done before. A week or so ago, I filmed a teaching video with the pastor of LifePoint Church, the biggest, fastest-growing church in Clarksville, which played at all our services on Sunday. While that video played at Awaken, I preached all the services at LifePoint! It was a blast. In addition to preaching at each other’s churches, at Awaken, we took time at all of our services to pray for about a dozen other churches throughout our city!

The timing couldn’t have been better. Pastor Mike and I were able to pick up right where I left off in Acts, as we spoke about Paul and Barnabas doing ministry together in Acts 14-15.

The funny thing is, something like this is just an extension of my relationship with Pastor Mike. Our families hang out, and he and I are in contact regularly. Since it seemed so natural for us to teach for each other, we didn’t realize the wide-reaching impact that type of unity would have. We heard from dozens of people at both churches that were amazed at the unity we communicated.

One guy from LifePoint told us, “I have been in church for 50 years and have never seen a more selfless Christ-centered pulpit sharing.” We also heard from a couple pastors from other churches that thanked us for the display of unity and expressed their amazement.

It’s high time for Christians in churches around the world to remember that as long as we are preaching the same Gospel, we are headed to the same destination, and we are on the same team. We are better together. It takes a lot of different churches to reach a lot of different people. Thank God for churches and Christians who understand that and live it out!


K E V I N • M I L L E R

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