Have you read any books by Theodor Geisel? I guarantee you have.

He wrote Cat In The Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and Horton Hears a Who, to name a few. You know him as Dr. Seuss, but Dr. Seuss is just his pseudonym – his pen name. And by the way, he wasn’t a doctor. Theodor added the “Dr.” on because his father had always wanted him to practice medicine.

Authors commonly use pseudonyms, and so does God. The book of Esther is a good demonstration.

Esther is an incredible story of God’s sovereignty and providence. Although you won’t find God’s name in the book, He’s obviously working behind the scenes, orchestrating events and coordinating details.

Out of all the women in the kingdom, it just so happens that Esther wins the beauty pageant and marries the king.

It just so happens she is a God-fearing Jew with a Godly uncle and a rich family heritage of faith.

It just so happens that Mordecai, her uncle, foils a plot to assassinate the king, saving his life.

There are countless details throughout the story that to some, may seem like coincidences.

It turns out that a couple of God’s favorite pseudonyms to work under are “Coincidence” and “It Just So Happened.”

Far too often, we rule things out by thinking of them as happenstance or chance encounters. But when we downgrade our circumstances to a coincidence, we may miss out on a divine encounter or what a friend of mine calls “God doing the super in the natural.”

Don’t cancel out that encounter/relationship/placement/open door as “happenstance,” instead, embrace it as a God-given opportunity.

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