It’s good to have multiple Godly voices in your life, so from time to time, I ask someone else to write for me.

Today, we have the honor of hearing from Nate Witiuk, Executive Pastor at Awaken Church! Enjoy…


There are times when I will walk into a room to go get something, then forget what I am getting or why I went into the room! Maybe you have had a similar experience before. Sometimes when we go through trials and hard times in life, we tend to think that God has forgotten about us. Thankfully God never forgets us or abandons us! Romans 8:28 tells us,

And we know that God causes everything to work together the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

— Romans 8:28 NLT —

God has a purpose for every season of your life.

He has a purpose for the happy seasons, the sad seasons, the seasons of success, the seasons of failure, the seasons of waiting, and the seasons of grief. If you’re a believer, nothing comes into your life that will catch God by surprise! God can bring out the good in every single event in your life. No matter how dingy or shameful we may feel or how guilty or bitter we feel about it, God can bring good out of it.

Remember that God is not the author of evil. Bad things can happen because of the bad decisions we make or because of bad decisions others make, but God can work it all for our good and His glory.

From our viewpoint, we can only see in the temporal, but God sees in the eternal. We are often so worried about our comfort, when God is more concerned about our character.

Next time you sit down and have a meal, think about this. If you take sodium and chloride by themselves, they are deadly poisons. However, if you put them together, you have salt. Salt flavors food, and a certain amount of salt is needed for health and life. We cannot live without some salt in our systems. God can take things that are bad, combine them with His wisdom and love, and work them out for good! That’s a promise He gives us that we can hold onto!


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