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    The Pulse of God’s Word

    The pages of Scripture have a pulse. From the first book to the last, the Bible tells a story about redemption through Jesus. It’s time we stop reading the Bible to learn about ourselves, and instead read it to learn about God. After all, He is the star of the story. As you read, if you learn to look and listen carefully, you can hear that Jesus is the heartbeat of God’s story. It turns out Jesus doesn’t just make a cameo in the Gospels; He’s in every book of the Bible.

    Journey with me real quickly as we get a glimpse of Jesus in every single book of the Bible…

    If you cut the Bible, it bleeds Jesus; and when they cut Jesus, He bled love. That is the pulse of God’s Word (see John 3:16).


    K E V I N • M I L L E R

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