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    8 Years Old

    Awaken Church turns 8 years old this Tuesday.

    That puts us in third grade.

    Third grade feels accurate. That’s when most eight year-olds can count to 1,000 and understand how 3- and 4-digit numbers relate to each other. It’s also when motor skills are developing well, making sports and competition more than just aimless ball-chasing. Eight year-olds begin solving problems more independently and are growing a lot in their literacy skills.

    I’d agree with most of that for our church. The numbers are lining up more and more, we’re developing, growing, working better together as a body, and moving forward in a lot of areas. Church feels a lot less like aimlessly wandering and a lot more like working out and getting stronger.

    It’s been quite the journey to get to where we are now…

    All of that to say this: we are always content, but never satisfied. We are content with our resources, but never satisfied with our reach. No matter what size church we are, we will always set out to reach more people with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Here’s to a new year, but also to many, many more. 8 is a great milestone, but it’s just the beginning.

    Till everybody knows Jesus (or we die tryin’!), WE NEVER STOP.


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