Jesus didn’t tell us a lot about fasting in the New Testament, but what He did mention implied that He assumed we would fast. When He was questioned about it, He replied, “When they fast…,” implying that we would. In that case, it doesn’t seem like much of an option!

Awaken Church turns 8 years old on September 19, and there’s no better way to close out one year and open the next than with prayer and fasting. However, birthday month shouldn’t be the only time we fast! Fast with us weekly this month, but in the future, cultivate a habit of periodic fasting as the Lord leads you to.

Some people don’t fast because they like food too much and fasting makes them uncomfortable. Obviously. That’s the point! Since Jesus said we should fast, we should take that seriously. So, when you fast (as Jesus said), here’s a prayer I pray when my stomach is growling during a fast:

“As my body hungers for food, make my soul hunger for You.”

Join us throughout the month of September as we pray for God’s provision and direction for Awaken Church. Here is what we are praying for throughout September:

Awaken Pastors, Wives, and Families

Awaken Staff, Ministry Leaders, and Teams

Financial Provision and Generosity

More Team Members Serving

God’s Direction for the Future of Awaken

Spiritual Maturity

Awaken Kids

Awaken Students

Awaken Military Members and Families

Singles, Marriages, and Families


K E V I N • M I L L E R

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