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    No Perfect Church


    Awaken Church has mostly 5-star reviews on Facebook (we can’t please everybody!). We got this recent review from Chip:

    “Awaken Church is an honest attempt to elevate Christ and cultivate community. Not perfect. If you’re looking for something to complain about, you’ll find it. The church is governed by human hands, that’s obvious. God is working through Awaken Church, that’s also obvious.”

    He is right. We are far from perfect, and you’ll hear us mention that often. We aren’t proud of our shortcomings, but we choose to embrace them instead of cover them up. We do that as a church because we want every individual to learn to do the same. Rivers have “no wake” zones; churches should be “no fake” zones.

    A lot of people are on the quest to find the perfect church. Good luck! The reality is, you won’t find the perfect church on this side of heaven, and if you do, get out! You’ll ruin it!

    A church is a flawed group of people trying to follow Jesus together. There’s a reason we are commanded to love, forgive, and be gracious to one another. We keep repenting because we’re not who we should be, but we keep rejoicing because we’re not who we used to be! Thank God He is gracious to us.

    Find a church, then commit. Put down roots, serve, give. You’ll be thankful you did.

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