I once made it through most of the day wearing my shirt inside-out. (No) Thanks to all my friends who didn’t tell me! No wonder I got such odd looks! Inside-out is not typically how something should be, but when it comes to following Jesus, inside-out is right side out. Not only does Jesus want to change us from the inside-out, but as we as Christians focus on our relationship with Jesus, it will have a profound and potentially eternal impact on those on the outside. Paul breaks it down pretty simply for us in 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12…

Love greatly.

The Thessalonians were already loving each other well, but Paul encouraged them to “do so more and more.” There’s always room for more love! If we want to see God work in the lives of the people around us, it begins when we love one another.

Live quietly.

“Aspire to live quiet lives” doesn’t imply tip-toeing around, living boring, faithless lives. It means not getting caught up in the experience-driven culture all around us. Our lives as Jesus followers should be gripped and guided by God’s peace.

Focus intently.

“Mind your own affairs” may be something you tell your kids or a coffee shop eavesdropper, but the idea behind Paul’s command here is different. We each have a role and ministry to fulfill, so we need to not be obsessed over others. When we are busy with other people’s business, it distracts us from staying busy with our own!

Work diligently.

The Bible has nothing good to say about lazy people (read Proverbs for proof), but it does restore the dignity and honor of hard work. A lazy, mooch-off-of-others-till-Jesus-comes-back lifestyle isn’t winning anyone to Jesus. Our work ethic (or lack thereof) speaks loudly.

We do all of that so that we can impact eternally.

There’s always a bigger vision beyond “just do the right thing.” We care deeply about the “outsiders,” because we used to be on the outside, and we want them to be on the inside!


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