Today, we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled (blog) programming to bring you this special edition on Eclipse Monday…

Someone told me last year about the eclipse coming today, August 21, 2017, and I didn’t believe them. I had to Google it (like many of my conversations end these days!). Sure enough, our city of 130,000 people is expecting an additional 100,000-200,000 people to join us this weekend! When I searched for homes to rent in Clarksville on just a few days ago, the site said, “1115% more people are looking for homes in Clarksville. You are coming to town at a popular time. We recommend booking soon.”

Today is a day that’s been hyped up for a quite a while. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many to see a total solar eclipse. A rare moment in history, and a unique phenomenon in our solar system, where the moon, which is 400X smaller than the sun momentarily blocks our entire view of the sun. How is that even possible? Although the moon is 400X smaller than the sun, the sun is 400X further away than the moon, meaning when they line up just right, the moon blocks out the light of the sun.

In a word: perspective.

Speaking of which, let’s get some perspective on our perspective real quick…

According to Scripture, God spoke everything into existence, knows the hairs on each of our heads, knows every star in the solar system by name, and holds the oceans of the world in the palm of His hand. God. Is. MASSIVE.

And yet, despite the overwhelmingly massive size of our faithful God in comparison to our problems and worries, if we allow our problems to line up just right, they can lead to a total eclipse of the Son. Our pain, suffering, stress, worries, and doubts can cause us to lose sight of our massive, Creator God, the God of the Angel Armies!

People are speculating at what will happen during the few minutes during the eclipse as the sky darkens and temperatures rapidly decrease. Power outages, earthquakes, widespread panic. Who knows. We’ll see what happens. However, spiritually, when we allow our problems to eclipse our view of God, dangerous things are sure to take place. We lose our power, our world is shaken, and we begin to live in panic.

Today, when you (safely) view the ring of the sun emerging around the shadow of the moon, remember the size of THE SON, Who spoke our sun into existence. Rest in the fact that He knows you, cares for you, and is far, far bigger than anything you’ll ever face, regardless of how devastating it may be!

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