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    Code Part 8 – We Use What’s in Our Hands

    Each Monday for the last couple of months, we’ve been taking a look at the Awaken Code, and applying it to our lives. Today, we learn about the importance of contentment and creativity when it comes to God’s provision…

    Code Part 8

    We use what’s in our hands.

    We refuse to allow a perceived lack of resources to hinder our effectiveness. We thank God for what He provides as well as for what He doesn’t, recognizing that our limitations inspire creative solutions.

    We refuse to allow a perceived lack of resources to hinder our effectiveness. Sometimes a lack of resources is not a perception – it’s actually on purpose. Contentment recognizes that, rests in it, and says, “If I don’t have it, I don’t need it, and when I need it, God will provide it.” Sometimes our “lack” is just in our minds and is a result of limited imagination or faith. Even when you feel limited, God never is.

    We thank God for what He provides because He certainly didn’t owe it to us! If we’re not faithful at being thankful, it betrays a heart of entitlement. It’s a good habit to periodically spend some extended time just thanking God instead of asking. There’s nothing wrong with asking – it’s Biblical. But there’s something so healing in just taking some time to be thankful.

    Thanking God for what He provides is easy, but we should also be good at thanking God for what He doesn’t provide. When was the last time you did that?! This is often clearest in the rearview mirror, when we can see more clearly how God is at work in our circumstances.

    We thank God for what He doesn’t provide because our limitations inspire creative solutions. Part of faithfully stewarding God-given resources is putting them to use, even if they seem too small or insignificant. The Bible is filled with people who exemplified creativity with what was in their hands: Bezalel built the ark of the covenant, Tabitha made clothes for widows, Lydia opened her house to others, a little boy gave his lunch to Jesus…

    What has God given you that you need to thank Him for, then put to work?

    Keep talking to God about your needs, but rest in His current provision, knowing He’ll provide it when you need it.

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