Each Monday, we are taking a look at the identity and Code of Awaken Church. But the Code isn’t just about Awaken – each part is applicable in everyday life. So read on as we learn a bit about Awaken and a lot about how to follow Jesus!

Code Part 1

HUGE vision. Simple focus.


We do a few things, and we aim to do them well. We channel all of our resources into lifting up the name of Jesus, growing with others into new life, and reaching out to those far from Christ.

There’s a tendency for any church and any Christian to spread themselves too thin. We should constantly be enlarging our vision and simultaneously narrowing our focus.

As a church, we focus on the three things all Christians are called to…

Lifting up the name of Jesus comes first because it’s where everything flows from. With every breath and each day of our lives, we should be living to lift up Jesus’ name – in our homes, at our workplaces, and in every relationship we form.

Growing with one another into new life can be challenging. I get it. Sometimes we don’t want to let people in. We were created for community, however, and we should be intentionally and consistently saying “NO” to solo Christianity. You’ll never fully be who you’re called to be on your own.

Reaching out to those far from Christ is the logical third step in following Jesus. If your life has been changed and is growing, why wouldn’t you want that for others? Salvation didn’t stop with you and continues through you!

Ask God to help you enlarge your vision, but make sure to stay laser-focused on the things that matter most and that God specifically calls you to.

K E V I N • M I L L E R

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