God is the God of the impossible and the improbable. He specializes in doing the impossible through the most improbable people. Joseph is a great example. Runt-of-the-litter, hated by his brothers, betrayed, sold, enslaved, framed, imprisoned, forgotten, and eventually, the second most powerful man on planet earth!

How? God specializes in flipping the script. He produces fruit in the midst of our affliction. If you want God to flip your script, here are three things to remember…

The way up is the way down.

Joseph didn’t rise to power by building his portfolio, connecting with people on LinkedIn, or networking with people in power. Instead, he knelt down and God lifted him up. Be consistent and faithful at swallowing your pride and glorifying God, and when the time is right, God will lift you up.

Great faith leads to hard work.

As soon as Joseph was promoted to second-in-charge in Egypt, he left the comforts of the palace to prepare for the coming famine God had warned about. Similarly, if we believe something, we must do something about it. Plan the work, then work the plan. Write it down, then work it out. Faith without works is dead.

What you’re holding onto may be holding you back.

A big turning point in Joseph’s life is when he has two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. Manasseh means “forgetfulness” and Ephraim means “fruitfulness.” It’s a good reminder that the lack of fruit in our lives is often due to something we’ve chosen not to forget. If anyone had a right to hold a grudge, it was Joseph. He refused to let a grudge hold him back. Be warned: your grudge will be your judge. A grudge is a gauge of how little your understand God’s grace.

Hebrews 12 Jesus is not only the Author of your faith, He is also the Perfecter. Trust Him as He edits, cuts, twists the plot, and flips the script. He’s got you. Follow Him!

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