It’s flu season. It seems everywhere you turn, someone isn’t feeling 100% and you’re 100% sure you don’t want what they have. If you’re like my daughters, you bust out the hand sanitizer and go to town.

The book of Numbers warns us of something else that is contagious, deeply damaging, and spreads like an epidemic: negativity. In Number 13-14, after wandering through the wilderness, Israel finally comes upon Canaan, the land God promised to give them. It was beautiful, luscious, and full of good fruit. God affectionately called it “the land flowing with milk and honey,” because it was a place with everything they would want or need. Best of all, God promised to defeat the enemies and hand over the land to Israel…if they would just trust Him and step out in faith.

Faith was the problem. An opportunity to step out in faith can either propel us forward or paralyze us in fear. Unfortunately, for 10 of Israel’s 12 spies, it had the latter effect. The enemy looked too big, they doubted God’s provision, and their cowardice got the best of them.

Fear itself isn’t bad – it’s healthy. But faith pushes through fear. Joshua and Caleb tried to sway the popular opinion to trust in God, but like the flu, negativity spread like a plague through the camp.

What should have been a chapter full of conquest and conquering turned into a chapter of complaining and retreating. God wants to write the next chapter of your life as a chapter of conquering, but it will require faith to push through your fear.

God has never given you a reason to doubt. Trust Him and step out.

K E V I N • M I L L E R

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