It’s no coincidence that “compromise” ends with “promise.”

“Compromise” comes from French and Latin terms, that when put together, speak of a mutual promise. That makes sense when we’re discussing the positive form of compromise. But let’s talk about the negative side for a minute: spiritual compromise.

Whereas compromising with your little brother about how much brownie each of you gets, or compromising on a real estate sale price can be good, spiritual compromise is never beneficial. But that’s not what the sales pitch will lead you to believe.

Deeply embedded into every spiritual compromise is a series of deeply destructive false promises. (tweet this) They sound good, but can never deliver.

The promises of land, trading, property, power, and wealth sounded tempting to Jacob’s sons in Genesis 34. All they had to do was compromise their commitment not to intermarry with pagan nations.

The promise of sexual pleasure sounded great to Samson in Judges 16. All he had to do was compromise his sexual purity and commitment to God.

The promise of full control and popularity looked tempting to King Saul if he would only compromise what he knew was right and kill that pesky shepherd boy, David.

The promise of peace and the control of the kingdom had to be ringing loud in David’s ears as he skipped from cave to cave and city to city, running for his life from King Saul. All he had to do was compromise his knowledge that Saul was God’s anointed, then off the evil would-be-assassin already!

The promise of skipping the cross and going straight to the inheritance had to have sounded good to Jesus in Matthew 4 as Satan tempted Him in the wilderness. All He had to do was a simple bow of the knee, compromising His calling, and it would all be His, pain-free.

The promise of a big paycheck rang in Judas’ head for a while until he finally cashed in, compromising his knowledge of who Jesus was and the three years he had been by His side.

What is it for you?

The false promise of HOPE in ending this relationship and getting into the next one.

The false promise of LASTING PLEASURE with that guy you know you shouldn’t be with.

The false promise of FULFILLMENT if only you could land that job promotion and move up a pay grade.

The false promise of LOVE and ADORATION if only more people knew how skilled you were at that sport.

Where do all of these promises lead?

Genesis 34 ended in a bloody slaughter.

Samson almost got killed during his one night stand.

King Saul ended up losing his mind, then losing his life in battle.

David would have surrendered God’s favor had he given into the temptation to kill.

Our salvation would have been forfeited had Jesus given in.

Judas’ promise ended with a paycheck and a noose.

When it comes to spiritual compromise, maybe a better way to spell it would be “con-promise.” All of compromise’s lofty promises are a big con. They won’t fulfill. They can’t fulfill. They’re not worth another minute of your time. Get out before you follow in the footsteps of Saul and Judas, gaining the world and losing your soul.