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    Empty First

    When you go grocery shopping, you’re buying full packages of food and drinks, not empty ones. An empty container does nothing for you except for fill up your trash can a little more. Ironically, for us to be useful to God, it’s the other way around: we have to be empty first.

    In 2 Kings 4, a widow comes to Elisha because her husband has passed away, she’s out of money, and the creditors are about to take her sons as slaves to pay off her debt. Pretty harsh. All she has is a tiny flask of oil. Elisha tells her to collect all the containers that she can possibly collect, then go in her house and begin pouring the little oil she has into the jars she’s collected. As she obeys by faith, God will multiply the oil until all the jars she collected are full. The oil wouldn’t just free flow onto the ground – the only way it would flow is if the jars were gathered, assembled, and emptied. That’s a perfect parallel to The Uprising that’s coming this Friday…

    GATHER: We’re doing all that we can do to gather people together at The Uprising. We have newspaper ads, a TV commercial, radio ads, and thousands of invites, door hangers and posters that are being spread around the city. We’re hitting the pavement this week to spread the word and gather as many people as we can. Like the widow did, we’re working hard to gather as many as we can.

    ASSEMBLE: This Friday, at 7pm, on the APSU campus, we will assemble in the Music/Mass Communications Building. Inviting isn’t the end of our responsibility – we’ll be working hard to streamline the assembly as well, so that people can see, hear, and enjoy the evening. After we’ve done as much as we can do to gather and prepare for people to assemble, we will be prepared for God to do the supernatural part of the night…

    EMPTY: To be filled by God, we must be emptied of ourselves. As House of Heroes plays, shares their story, and I lay out the Gospel, we have been and will be praying for God to empty people of themselves so they can be filled by His Spirit! Ironically, we’re only useful to God when we’re empty. Like the widow’s jars, only when we’re empty can we then be filled!

    If you’re hesitant to invite people, don’t be! Speak up and reach out. The more people we can gather and assemble, the more people God can empty of themselves and refill with Himself!

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