As Jenn and I geared up over the last week for our trip to Albuquerque, it seemed like we were facing so many obstacles. My 5-year old got sick, then I caught what she had, then my 3-year old got the flu which led to an ear infection, then we got in a car accident the night before we were going to leave. On top of that, I was beginning to lose my voice…which is a problem when you’re talking as much as I did this weekend! Turns out I have a sinus infection and bronchitis.

Friday-Sunday of last weekend, I had the privilege of teaching 4 different messages in 5 locations 11 different times (either in person or by video). I’ve never had an opportunity like this, and God moved in an amazing way…which must be why we faced such opposition in getting to ABQ and teaching! Satan wanted to shut me up.
Jenn led worship and I taught at Calvary Albuquerque’s “Keep Calm And Marry On” marriage retreat in Santa Fe, NM on Friday night and Saturday morning. After that, we packed up, drove back to Albuquerque, where Jenn sang and I taught at Calvary on Saturday night and 3 Sunday services! They also played the message at their other campuses in downtown Albuquerque and in Santa Fe. Meanwhile in Clarksville, we launched our “Family Tree” Christmas series with a message I had pre-preached last Tuesday. All of the teachings went great, despite my sore throat.
Throughout the weekend, I was simultaneously taking cough drops and lozenges, while drinking herbal teas, Airborne, and Emergen-C to boost my immune system. Somehow, despite waking up Saturday morning without a voice, I lasted for all 6 messages. Praise God! I know there were teams of people praying for me – and God answered!
Not only did He save my voice, but He used it in a powerful way as well. At all the weekend services at the multiple campuses, I got to lead about 133 people in a prayer to give their lives to Jesus! The final service on Sunday at Calvary had the biggest response: about 75 people came forward! From across the campus, they streamed in the doors and down the aisles: families, old and young, many in tears. And speaking of tears, many of us (including me) cried as we watched God exceed our expectations.
11:15am service at Calvary ABQ

Praying with people at the 11:15am service at Calvary ABQ

The team at Calvary is top notch and it’s always a joy to return there and see so many people that are like family to us. We’re so thankful for the ways God has used Skip & Lenya and the ministry of Calvary Albuquerque to change our lives and the lives of so many others.
Of course I can’t leave Awaken out either. I heard reports of a packed house and heard great feedback from the message. The great thing about teaching by video is that it takes the focus off of the individual and puts it even more on the actual message.
It was truly an honor to be a part of what God did this weekend in multiple states and cities!
You can watch or listen to the messages I taught this weekend here: