Earlier this week, our daughters begged and begged to help my wife make cookies. Their definition of “help” is far different than ours though! For them, help means making a mess, putting their hands in the flour, sneaking bites of cookie dough, and lowering the level productivity in the kitchen. Although their presence in the kitchen is far from the true definition of help, we still enjoy allowing them to have a hand in the process.

The same thing goes for us and God. God doesn’t need any of us to help Him accomplish His will, however, He wants to involve us in the process. His Kingdom isn’t riding on our shoulders, and anything good that comes from us ultimately came from Him, however, He loves to give us a small part in the victory.

Case in point is the battle of Jericho.

God told Israel to march around Jericho, a city with intimidating, impenetrable walls, once a day for 6 days, then 7 times on the 7th day. On that final day, after their final lap, at the sound of the trumpets, they were to scream and shout for victory and the walls would come down. So here’s my question…

Was God relying on the volume of their scream to bring the walls down? 

Maybe if they screamed loud enough, the decibels from their voices would actually crumble the bricks, right? Or maybe the volume of the trumpets would cause a minor earthquake, which would in turn bring the walls down.


God didn’t need their trumpets or their vocal cords to get the walls to come crashing down. However, He wanted to involve them because He wanted them to have a voice in the victory!

It’s the same with you and I.

God could send an angel to teach the Bible FAR better than I can every Sunday morning, but He chooses to use me instead.

God could send a prophet/evangelist/miracle worker to your school to share the Gospel with your classmates and teachers, but instead He chooses to use you.

God could appear in a dream to that guy walking down the street, but instead, He chooses to use you to show Jesus to him.

He chooses to use us, not because He needs us, but because He wants us to have a voice in the victory. When the battle has been won, and we’ve shared the Gospel, and prayed, and lived as a witness, then we get to see someone come to Christ, or maybe even led them to Jesus ourselves, it’s a moment of victory. God used YOU to change someone’s eternal destination. It’s nothing you did, but it’s that God did it through you! That’s HUGE!

So step out.

Look for opportunities at school, work, and in your neighborhood, to live as an example and share the Gospel with those around you.

Speak up about your faith and how Jesus changed your life.

Invite people to The Uprising. Don’t worry, we have plenty of invite cards!

You never know how God will use your actions and words. Be bold. He wants to give you a voice in the victory!