As we geared up for our  2-year birthday, one thing we really wanted to highlight were some of the many ways God has changed lives at Awaken Church. For the last couple months, people have submitted their stories, and we were able to get together with a few of them to film.

One thing I love about Joe & Haley is their appetite for serving and learning. They’re constantly looking for more ways to be hand-on with ministry at Awaken. To me, they also stand as a great reminder of some of the people God has enabled us to reach out to. In fact, I invited a guy at Guitar Center to church the other day. He had long, black rocker hair, a bullring in his nose, tattoos, and other piercings. He was surprised to get an invite to the church because he said most Christians look down on him for the way he looks. I apologized to him on the behalf of Christianity, and I told him that not only does that not represent the way Jesus thinks of him, but he also won’t get treated like that at Awaken. Using Haley as my example, I even told him that if he came to the church, the person who greets him at the door and hands him a bulletin may have a bullring and tattoos as well!

I love that about my church!

Watch below to see how God has impacted Joe & Haley’s lives…