Today is Day 68 in our journey through the Bible in 90 days.

Famous Amos makes cookies, but the man Amos makes prophecies.

Our first couple minor prophets (Hosea and Joel) were prophets to Judah, but Amos was a prophet to Israel. Although they ministered to different people at different times, their message was similar – they had fallen into sin, God was going to judge, but He wanted them to repent. God is very consistent with that message. He wants to restore and revitalize His people. He wants to take those who have been broken and beat up by sin, and transform them into something new and give them life – real life. That’s what He’s all about.

Amos grew up as a shepherd in a little village called Tekoa. Tekoa wasn’t the nicest of places – it was full of danger and poverty…which made for great training grounds for a future prophet! In Chapter 7, Amos receives the call to the office of prophet while he tends his sheep.

This is the way God works. He will often take us through trying times, dangerous situations, and times of famine and want in order to prepare us for something greater that lies ahead. Amos had been faithful to the Lord and was trained to endure hard times – this was the perfect mix for a man to proclaim God’s judgment on a people who had strayed.

God went to great lengths to draw His people back to Him…

He brought famine, a plague of locust, sickness, war, and more. Unfortunately, the end result of each of them: “…yet you did not return to Me.” Sometimes God has to allow pain and suffering in our lives so that He can get our attention. We don’t like pain, so it makes us pay attention.

However, God’s goal is never just to inflict pain on us. There’s always a purpose behind the pain.

Seek good, and not evil, that you may live; and so the Lord, the God of hosts, will be with you, as you have said. – Amos 5:14

Ultimately, God wants repentance. He wanted it from His people in the Old Testament and He wants it from us today.

Repentance isn’t easy or natural because it involves humility and admitting that we were wrong…but that’s why we need it so badly. Snap out of your sin and realize today that God’s ways are always better than yours.