As I mentioned in a previous blog, this week I’ll be letting you peek inside the mind of a few church planter friends of mine.

We’re going to start local for this first one. Ron Edmondson is a guy I met when I was out here back in February scouting the place out. He planted Grace Community Church here in Clarksville just a few years ago and it exploded with growth! God is using Grace to reach this city and it’s a privilege to partner with him and with such a great church as we attempt to reach this city for Christ.

Check out Grace Community Church’s website HERE.

Check out Ron’s blog HERE.

Check out my interview with him here:

1. Who are you?
Ron Edmondson

2. What is your church & what’s the vision behind it?
Grace Community Church, Clarksville, TN….we exist to encourage growing followers of Jesus Christ.  Our motto is “Everyone needs a place to start over…that place is Grace.” 

3. How long have you been meeting and where did you start?
We are 4 years and 2 months old.  We started meeting at St Mary’s Catholic School and now meet at Rossview High School in Clarksville

4. Why plant a church in your city?
Our city has over 80% unchurched.  We launched to reach those no one else was reaching. 

5. How can people get plugged into your church?
We plug people in quickly. The easiest way is to know people is by joining a small group that meets in the homes during the week.  We allow people to serve as soon as they are ready.  It takes over 150 volunteers each week, so there is always a need. 

6. What advice do you give to others wanting to plant a church?
It’s harder than it looks. Seek wisdom, surround yourself with an awesome core, be willing to grow slowly at first, and don’t be afraid to say “no, we aren’t ready to do that yet.”

7. What/who have been some of your most important resources so far?
Other planters have helped us tremendously.  Our original core and the people who started with Grace from the beginning are still involved today and brought their friends with them.  People are definitely our greatest resource. 

8. Have you learned any lessons the hard way? What was one?
Time of services is important.  We tried  an early service after we went to two services, but it didn’t work until we made it later.  We weren’t mature enough yet to have an early morning service.  To build an early service takes very committed people.  We have one now and it’s working. 

9. If you did it all again, what is one thing would you do differently?
We would not shy away from churched people who are looking for something that better meets their needs for spiritual growth. We did at first and that made us tremendously lacking in leadership as we grew.