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    Electronic Encouragement

    I’m in Albuquerque and somewhere in Clarksville, there’s a girl on bed rest that found our website and sent us an email. I just thought I’d share a few pieces of what she had to say – it was so encouraging.

    I just wanted to say that what you guys are doing for this community is amazing and since I’ve heard about it for a few weeks, you all have been in my prayers everyday! The day I saw the little flyer thing on craigslist- I told my husband we just had to go! Then, I was told I was on bed rest and I just felt like Satan was trying to prevent me from going. But nothing will stop me from going next weekend! 🙂 Not even the rain. I see it’s been raining alot on the weekends you all have the events on. Ill bring an umbrella :)…

    This may sound crazy, but I really feel like God had a plan for me to keep looking at your page on craigslist and the website. It’s like he keeps bringing me back to it every week. After emailing you- I called my husband and said, Honey- Im going to the Awaken Church stuff everytime they have something. God is calling me there, I just know it! What youre doing is exactly what Ive been looking for!

    I love that I can be 1200 miles away from home and Awaken Church and yet still see God move! What a great reminder that ministry doesn’t just happen while I’m there – it’s the Lord doing it!

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