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    My old stomping grounds

    I got to take a trip back to Albuquerque this week. It was short and
    sweet- 17 hours. The purpose of the trip was to do a funeral for a
    friend that died of ALS, but unfortunately, due to flight delays and
    cancellations, I missed the funeral by 3 1/2 hours. I had to call
    another pastor friend to do it for me. From what I hear, it was great
    and people were so blessed.

    Because I got in so late and left so early this morning, I never got
    to even see the family I came to see. So sad. It was a fun trip
    though- I enjoyed swinging by Calvary Albuquerque where ministry
    "officially" began for me (at least on the pastoral level). I enjoyed
    my favorite cup of coffee (yes, even better than 'bucks in my
    opinion), some green chili and Mexican food that I've missed so much,
    as well as some great time with some friends as well as my mom.

    It's so refreshing being back at Calvary. I love the staff there- they
    are such a dear group of people to me. I got to visit with them for a
    little while and they prayed with me as well. Being on campus brought
    back many memories. It felt weird leaving as a youth pastor a couple
    months ago and coming back as a janitor/church planter. I remember
    many trips to the cafe and lots of very fruitful ministry that took
    place there. I look forward to being back again next week when I have
    the privilege of teaching in the main sanctuary about marriage as well
    as doing some friends' wedding.

    I prayed so much on my way out here that I'd make my flights and
    connect with the family, but unfortunately, it seems that God had
    different plans. I have no idea why He didn't work it out but I can
    trust in His sovereignty nonetheless. Maybe it was the Catholic guy
    and the Seventh Day Adventist lady that I got to talk to on a flight
    that I should have never been on. Maybe it was a God-ordained
    opportunity for Kerry Rose to do the funeral instead of me. Why it
    took me 13 hours to get from Nashville to Albuquerque and only 4 to
    get back, I cannot explain. We serve a big God though, and I'm
    thankful that ministry continues whether I'm there or not!

    I loved my 5 years at Calvary Albuquerque, but I would never trade our
    Awaken home Bible study with 9 adults and 11 kids under 5 for
    anything. I love what God is doing and I believe His plans for the
    future are far bigger than mine ( and I like to think that mine are

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