It sure has been a process finding this place! We’ve driven almost every inch of Clarksville in search of a good place to hold services. Most places we wanted were just too expensive and those that we did like were not in the right area of town (which is a lot of the reason we could afford them). We’ve spent countless hours in prayer and lots of gas money driving around, calling any number we saw that said “space for lease.” We found a place that we thought would work great and the guy said he’d be willing to work with us because he really needed someone in there. So, since he was desperate, we figured we’d offer low. We did and didn’t hear back from him. By the end of the day yesterday, we had finally exhausted all of our resources. We had no idea where else we’d go. On our way home, the guy called me back and asked if we still wanted it and accepted our very low offer. Wherever we rented, we didn’t want to be in there for more than a year. That was another challenge we had faced – everyone wanted at least a 2-year, some a 3-year lease. This guy told me, “After a year, we need you guys out – we really need to be making more money than this.” Ha! So of course we agreed to that!

Anyway, our lease starts on Sat, Aug 15. We’ll have about 1 month to get in there, paint, possibly re-carpet portions of it, and get it all ready for services. Before us, it was a tanning salon (as you can tell from a few of the pictures), called “Tropical Tanz”. I guess now, instead of people leaving that place looking like they’ve been in the sun, hopefully they’ll leave living like they’ve been with the Son! It will take some work – dividing the room up for a kids’ ministry as well as sanctuary area and foyer.

It’s a 1,500 sq ft building that is in a prime location in the city. It’s right in the middle of the city, 2 1/2 miles from the University, 3 1/2 miles from Starbucks, and down the street from a State Park. It also happens to be right across the street from the two buildings I want to buy next year for a huge sanctuary and youth room/skate park, but maybe I should stick to one big financial investment at a time. The price and location of this building literally can’t be beat. God has come through again as we knew He would!

Thanks for all the prayers and support. It’s so great to finally be in a building. If it weren’t for the financial and prayerful support of so many of you, there would be no way we could do this. I believe God has bigger plans than we think He has for this place!

And, speaking of financial support, as soon as we receive our incorporation letters from the state, we’ll have a bank account up and going as well as online giving. Be looking for that if you’re interested in being a financial part of what God is doing here in Clarksville.

Here’s a peek at the back of the building:
Nice big parking lot that we’ll have all to ourselves Saturday nights (and eventually Sunday mornings if we expand):

Here’s a sketchy pic inside the building. As you can see, it’ll take some work, but that’s part of the fun. Oh, and another great part about this building is that it comes with the artificial walls! Great for building a classroom!

Here’s a a front view from the parking lot. I’m currently looking into the cost of replacing the “Tropical Tanz” sign with our own.

Stay tuned here for more info and pictures in the next month or so of how the work is progressing. The structural renovation starts August 18 and the soul renovation starts September 19!

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