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    YOU are the photographer!

    You can now show off your photography skills (or lack thereof) right on the Awaken Photos Page! It’s really simple. Here’s how:

    1. Take a picture on your phone or camera. Have fun. You’re the artist.
    2. Text or e-mail that picture to awakenpics@awakenchurch.org.

    That’s it! As soon as your picture is approved, you’ll see it on our cell phone pictures page. And you thought I was kidding when I said it was easy!

    Maybe you made it out to one of our UNIGHT summer evenings in the park or maybe you and a friend are hanging out at a Starbucks and you’d like to document it. This is a perfect way to do it! Anyone on almost any phone can do it!

    In fact, take a practice run, and give it a shot right now! Take a picture and e-mail it in. And, since you’ll be sending a bunch in I’m sure, go ahead and add “awakenpics@awakenchurch.org” as a contact in your phone so you can send them even faster next time!

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