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    Building (in more ways than one)

    When it comes to Awaken Church and the ministry out here in Clarksville, Tennessee, things are building. Let me share the 3 types of “building” that I’m talking about…

    The congregation is building…
    We’re so glad to have finally met some friends out here in Clarksville! As awesome as it is having Nate, Jenn, and Denver here with us, having some new faces around has been very refreshing too! We’ve met 2 couples so far that are excited about being a part of Awaken and are helping us get the word out about our outreaches and the church.

    A physical building…
    Tomorrow, Jenn and I will meet a guy at a building that’s for lease in a great part of town. It’s a 1500 sq ft building that he said he’d be willing to work on a price with us on. He sounds pretty desperate to get someone in there since it’s been just sitting there for a couple months since the last tenant moved out. We’re hoping to get a screamin’ deal on the place. Pray that that meeting goes well and if this is the building that Awaken Church will begin in, the doors will swing wide open.

    Excitement is building…
    Saturday marks 9 weeks till our first church service on Saturday, September 19, and Sunday is the 2-month mark. We’re loving the UNIGHT outreaches (we’ve only done 1 so far), but we can’t wait to be in a place and be holding church services weekly! The excitement and anticipation builds daily as we anticipate beginning the reason that we came out here. As I heard from the Pastor of Calvary Brentwood, “Enjoy each and every step along the way” of a church plant. Very true.

    It’s been great and we can’t wait to see what’s just around the corner. Stay tuned to awakenchurch.org for building updates, UNIGHT pictures, and much more!

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