Everywhere we go, there are hurting people. From Albuquerque to Africa, from California to Clarksville. This news story is just one example of the hurting people that are everywhere. I praise God for the churches that are already in Clarksville reaching out to people who need the good news of Jesus and I look forward to serving alongside those churches. For Campbell, the military base talked about in the following story is just a couple miles away from Clarksville. Here’s the rest of the news story…

A Fort Campbell commander says the installation has the highest number of suicides among soldiers in the Army.
The post began a 3-day stand down Wednesday to refocus efforts on suicide prevention in the wake of 11 confirmed suicides this year. More deaths are being investigated.
Brig. Gen. Stephen Townsend said from January to March, the installation was averaging one suicide per week.
The post on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line took part in an Army-wide prevention campaign in March, but commanders at Fort Campbell felt additional training was needed.
Townsend will speak to every single soldier, emphasizing the need to look after their battle buddies and speak up about concerns.

I wonder how differently this news story may read if these people were awakened to the relevance of God’s Word!